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Thursday, 18 December 2008


Shakhriyar MAMEDYAROV:  - I have no idea what doping is because I have never used it. I think doping doesn’t assist chess-players that much and I doubt if anybody uses it at the top-level tournaments. Chess isn’t sport in its original scope, it’s not an Olympic kind of sport like track-and-field or gymnastics. The elder players may use something to feel better, to support themselves during the game – say, drink a lot of coffee. Actually I don’t care at all whether there is chess doping or not. More...


Ernesto INARKIEV: - For me the main chess doping is psychological motivation. There were a couple of cases in my life when I seemed to have exhausted my resources but I overcame myself. In case we speak about doping in its denotative meaning, I think that it is possible if you feel exhausted.


Alexander GRISCHUK: - The principal doping in our profession is the desire to play, to struggle at the chessboard. It gives me strength, because when you don’t feel like playing but have to, you cannot do everything you could. As for food and beverages… in case of a professional approach it can be very promising. I think some stimulating agents could be suitable for chess. Any doping agent should be applied with care because in the event that you use it on a long-term basis, it can result in severe consequences.


Evgeny ALEXEEV: If under the doping one can understand the stimulus for the chess game, as for me, I have only one – it is striving to the victory.


Rustam KASYMHZANOV: - In point of fact, as far as I understand, you want to hear something about concrete chemical substances using by chess players? For many chess players alcohol can act as doping during the tough period of their chess career. It helps them to come to life, to organize themselves for the further emotions. I am trying to abstain from any kind of doping lately, including alcohol and coffee during the game. I am trying to play on the human resources. And you can see the results now… (Yesterday Kasymzhanov lost 2 straight games). May be, I should stop all this?


Peter LEKO: I think, chess is more intellectual than physical kind of sport. There is no point in speaking about chess doping.


Teimour RADZHABOV:  It is difficult to say what you can use in order to win the game. Coffee, tea, cigarettes can’t promote good results. If you have slept well, have come to the game in a good mood – it is not a guarantee of success as well. But if we talk about real doping, in particular, to comment the case at the Dresden Chess Olympiad when the leader of the Ukrainian team Vasily Ivanchuk has not come to the doping test, it will take a lot of time..


Vladimir AKOPYAN: Chess is a job for grandmasters since childhood, though a pleasant one, and the attitude to this profession is serious, as to the real one. Playing at top level, one has to work hard and spend a lot of time on the preparation for the tournaments. A strong tea helps me to be in good shape, while I have never liked coffee. During the game I can drink several cups of tea.


Vugar GASHIMOV: Usually during the game I drink only water. Chess, I can say, is a kind of doping itself, even a drug. All grandmasters have become addicts of this wise game since childhood and can’t get rid of it for the rest of their life.








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