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Interview with GM Denis Khismatullin
Friday, 26 December 2008


A 23-year old GM from Ufa Denis Khismatullin is the second of one of the Elista tournament leaders, Vice Champion of Russia Dmitry Jakovenko. In the 10th round his partner played with Ernesto Inarkiev. Denis answered our questions. More...

- How long have you been assisting Jakovenko?

- For more than 2 years. We met at children competitions. We are of the same age, he’s from Nizhnevartovsk and I was born in Neftekamsk.

- Dmitry have shown good results recently and joined the national team. What is a key of his success?

- Dima works a lot at theory, prepares to competitions thoroughly and frequently plays in the tournaments. In fact he achieved a lot. I think that Jakovenko is a player of world’s elite, he’s in World’s Top-10 rating list. Dima was twice a runner-up of the Russian Championship super final.

- Denis if I’m not mistaken you played in super final too. What was your result?

- My debut in this competition took place in 2006. I took the 8th place out of 12. Unfortunately, I couldn’t qualify to the last and this year’s superfinals.

- Have you got a higher education yet? Do you plan to commit your future to chess?

- I’m a 5th year student at Ufa Oil University. I’m graduating in a few months and I don’t plan active tournaments performance. After the graduation I shall think if I will go on playing or working according to my education. However, while I’m young and I will carry on competitive practice and the second profession will come in sooner or later.

- And don’t you want to engage into coaching practice, considering the fact that you’re helping one of the strongest players of the country?

- Still a coach and a second are different areas. A coach works with his pupil since childhood, develops his chess skills gradually, whereas a second works with a professional, prepares his opening analysis, does the parsing.

- How does chess develop in your region? Are there any more GMs in Bashkortostan?

- I’m the first and the only GM in Bashkortostan. There are a few IMs, talented young players including European and Russian champions. In general the situation with chess in our republic is becoming better. I think we are moving in the right direction. Tournaments of the local significance take place in our republic. In two years Cup of Russia is to take place in Bashkiria.

- Today your partner plays with the nominee of Elista Ernesto Inarkiev. As far as we are concerned, you know Ernesto very well. What can you say about him?

- I know him very well. Moreover, I consider him a good friend of mine. As I recall Ernesto’s always charged to fight even when his position is not very good. He fights till the end, he’s a very determined and tenacious player. These qualities of his are very appealing. He is also a very benevolent person.








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